Improve Quality of Life Using Vaccine
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Improve Quality of Life Using Vaccine

Variolae vaccinae was the inspiration of the term vaccine that we know today. The history of vaccine was started when Edward Jenner was doing an experiment to know whether cowpox can protect people from smallpox. The hypothesis was approved that when people were exposed to cowpox, they can push smallpox away. From this moment plus the opinion of Greek observant, the principal of ôexposing people to weakened harm can protect people from more serious harms in the futureö has been adapted.

Vaccination is conducted by injecting attenuated or dead virus or bacteria into the body. Once the foreign agent is introducing to the body, the body immune system will learn to recognize, attack, and remember the code of the foreigner. Therefore, when the virus or bacteria is invading the body in the future, the body already has the standard of operation to tackle the harm. Vaccine is the remarkable invention which saves millions of deaths today. Many of infectious diseases can now prevented from doing damage to our body thanks to vaccine. There are opposite of views that knock down the benefits of vaccine. The cons that conveyed by the opposite side are because they doubting the method and claim that vaccine brings allergies and even autism. Nevertheless, the advantage carried by vaccine is overpowering the negative side. World Health Organization (WHO) and many of governments in the world are in the battle to diminish vaccine-preventable diseases. A framework was born to help the mission. Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) is a framework which consisted of several countries that has purposes against infectious diseases. GVAP intends to exterminate polio by 2020, strengthen the activity of routine immunization, encourage the growth in research of vaccines and technologies, control the vaccine-preventable diseases, and introduce new vaccines to the world.

Improve Quality of Life Using VaccineThere are four main vaccine types to help us protecting our body. Live microbe vaccine, killed microbe vaccine, toxoid vaccine, and biosynthetic vaccine are here to improve our quality of life. Live microbe vaccine uses weakened alive virus or bacteria as the foreign agent that will teach our immune system. Infections that can be prevented using this vaccine are such as measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox. Inactivated vaccine or killed microbe vaccine uses microbe that already dead to guard ourselves from whooping cough. Furthermore, toxoid vaccine which widely used in the prevention towards diphtheria and tetanus is created using the toxin of microbes. Biosynthetic vaccine that used in Hepatitis B prevention is the one that made in lab that identical to the original.

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