How’s the Covid-19 Vaccine Going Here is the Update

How’s the Covid-19 Vaccine Going? Here is the Update

Covid-19 has become a piece of bad news for the whole world. Not only because it is dangerous, it is currently incurable. But, the good news is that the whole world tries their best to develop a vaccine that will defend people against the virus. Keep yourself informed with the updates here.

  • Around 67 Vaccines Are Under Clinical Trials

Vaccines cannot be distributed in a short time. The vaccine should be tested under some clinical trials to make sure that the vaccines are safe and put no risk for humans. However, it is different with covid-19. In 2020, scientists have tried their best to produce vaccines for covid-19 to prevent the spread of the virus. There are more than 50 vaccines that have been developed and 67 of them are still under clinical trials. The good news is that 20 of them have reached the final stage of the clinical trial.

There are currently four vaccines that have been approved and authorized to use in some parts of the world, namely Pfizer, Moderna, Sputnik V, and AZD1222. Some of the vaccines are used specially in some countries, such as Convidecia that is used in China, EpiVacCorona that is used in Russia, BBIBP-CorV in some countries, CoronaVac in some countries, Sinopharm in China and United Arab Emirates, and Covaxin in India.

The efficiency of some vaccines is still unknown, yet they are distributed as an emergency used in some countries. It is because in phase 1/2 clinical trials, some of them didn’t show any serious side effects just as betting online in wont give you side effects if you have excellent management.

  • Not All Vaccines Are Equally Effective

Some countries use different vaccines than the others and each of them has a different level of effectiveness. The main reason for it is because each vaccine underwent a slightly different process and they are started at different times as well.

  • Who Gets Covid-19 Vaccine

Not everyone can get a vaccine for covid-19 yet. In England, the vaccine is prioritized for those who have a greater risk from the virus, like people over 70 years old, social and health workers, and people in care homes.

Some vaccines are still under testing, but others are ready to be distributed. Although there are some side effects that might occur, getting the vaccine will help your body to protect itself from the virus. It is only started by health workers and later, it will cover all people in the world.

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