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An Overview of the Type of Vaccines

An Overview of the Type of Vaccines – Vaccination is the prevention acts in the medical world as an effort done by the human to protect the body from diseases. The kinds of diseases can be derived from seasonal diseases up to deadly diseases. There are many types of vaccines that can be given to children up to adults. Here are the types of vaccines that we should know in general.

– Attenuated Vaccines

The first type of vaccine is called the attenuated vaccine. The making process of attenuated vaccine is through long term process which includes animal cell cultures or embryo. The virus or bacteria given to the embryo, mostly in chick, will grow until the virus or bacteria lose its ability to replicate the cells in a human’s body. To make a vaccine using this method, the virus or bacteria had to grow through 200 embryos before the vaccine is ready. Wow.

The accentuated or live vaccine is a long term vaccine that can be used for a long period. In general, the patient only needs to take one shoot for a live period. Some vaccines belong to the attenuated vaccine are MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), chickenpox vaccine (Varicella), rotavirus and influenza vaccine (in the form of a nasal spray).

– Inactivated Vaccines

The vaccine made by killing the bacteria or viruses using the chemicals or heat. This chemical substance will kill the virus and damage its ability to recreate, however, the virus or bacteria is still complete so the body still recognizes it as a threat and the immune system will work to protect the body from an unknown substance. Some inactivated vaccines are Hepatitis A vaccine, flu vaccine, rabies vaccine, and the polio vaccine.

– Subunit Vaccines

The subunit vaccine is made using a certain part of the virus, bacteria or gem. The certain parts can be taken from its capsid, protein or sugar. The subunit vaccine gives the strongest protection by targeting the key point of the gem. These vaccines can be given to people with a weak immune system and patients with long period health problems. Some subunit vaccines are Hepatitis B, Pertussis, Influenza, Meningococcal and Pneumococcal.

the Type of Vaccines– Toxoids Vaccines

Some diseases are not directly caused by the bacteria or virus itself but merely by the toxin produced by the bacteria or virus. The immunization process using this kind of process is called toxoids. Some toxoids vaccines are tetanus and diphtheria.

The types of vaccines that you should know in general are attenuated vaccines, inactivated vaccines, subunit vaccines, and toxoids vaccines. The vaccines can be used to give protection to the human body by giving the strongest immune system into the body.

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