COVID-19 Vaccine from Different Parts of The World
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COVID-19 Vaccine from Different Parts of The World

COVID-19 Vaccine from Different Parts of The World
Global population is struggling to continue their life and the ends are not predictable yet. The only way to re-open the schools, jobs and businesses starts with the vaccine for COVID-19. This cure is not easy to make, but mega pharmacies all over the worlds are doing the best to speed up the process.
– The Process to Get A Vaccine
It is often mentioned that making vaccine takes a long time. However, not all people understand the whole process of vaccine-making. There are at least five phases that should be taken before a vaccine could be distributed to the public. They are the preclinical testing, the safety trials, the expanded trials, efficacy trials, approval, and combined phases.

None of these trials could be skipped; each is essential part of the process. For example, if the expanded trial where the vaccine is given to sample group of hundreds of people is missing, how could the researcher learn the effects? Careful steps should be taken as human life is sensitive matter.

– United States: Moderna Biotechnology Company
One company that takes part to make vaccine for COVID-19 is Moderna. This company is based in United States. The researchers make the vaccine based on messenger RNA (Mrna). The aim is triggering the body to make protein that could fight the virus. The progress is great and government agrees to invest on the company.

The reason why Moderna vaccine could progress faster is their experiment on monkeys. The vaccine is reported to protect monkeys from corona virus. As monkeys share similar DNA to human, many countries expect positive result on the development, and the online sites could guarantee the similar result on the games.

Germany BioNTech

– Germany: BioNTech
United States is not the only country that makes progress on COVID-19 vaccine. German company called BioNTech also develop a vaccine in collaboration with Pfizer from New York and Fosun Pharma from China. Instead of one, this company makes two version of the vaccine; one of which shows positive results on the limited group sample.
People might be anxious while waiting for COVID-19 vaccine, but the process to make one is neither simple nor short. This vaccine should be safe to use before it could be distributed globally. So far, American and Germany companies report a positive progress on the vaccine development. It is predicted to be ready for the market in 2021.