How Could You Tell If Corona Vaccine Is Safe and Effective
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How Could You Tell If Corona Vaccine Is Safe and Effective?

How Could You Tell If Corona Vaccine Is Safe and Effective? – The latest news about corona virus brings new hope to the global population; a new vaccine for corona virus has been found. Rumors say that the vaccine would be ready in the end of 2020 or in the middle of 2021 at the latest. Unfortunately, the global population do not approve the vaccine; how could they know that the vaccine is effective and safe?
– The Signs That A Vaccine Is Safe
First of all, there are several clinical trials that should be passed before a vaccine could be published to the public. On stage one and two, the main goal is ensuring that the developed vaccine formulation has no lethal effect or causes additional health complication to the patients. To check this, the developed vaccine is continuously tested in the laboratory and the result is closely monitored.

After the vaccine passed the first and second clinical trials, it is considered as “safe”. Unfortunately, being safe is not enough as the base to release the vaccine. It should be clinically tested to a lot of people. This is why the third stage of clinical trait could not be skipped.

A big scale experiment should be conducted as part of third stage in clinical traits. The participants will be divided to two groups: study and control. One group will get the vaccine and another will get the placebo shot. These individuals are monitored for days after the injection. The researchers expect to see no or mild side effects.

– The Criteria of Effective Vaccine
Although the vaccine is safe, it is not a guarantee that people will be cured after getting the injection. For this reason, there must be more criteria to build effective vaccine. According to FDA, the prevention should happen to at least half population. This is almost similar to the number of bettors registered in.

How Could You Tell If Corona Vaccine Is Safe

It would be even better if the effectiveness of the vaccine reaches 70 to 75 percent. For corona vaccine, this percentage is possible to achieve. For now, the target for early vaccine is the people that has high chance to be infected; the health workers.

Later when the corona vaccine is ready, people should be careful. A safe vaccine is not always effective. Being safe means that the trials shows minimum side effects on the participants. To be an effective vaccine, it should perform well on at least 50% of the population.

How Do Countries Develop Corona Vaccine
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How Do Countries Develop Corona Vaccine?

How Do Countries Develop Corona Vaccine? – To end the corona pandemic, many countries do their best to develop a vaccine. Instead of cooperating as a country, the development of corona vaccine is blocked to several groups: the government, the private and international institution. These organizations are based on different cities, but they represent how the country progresses in vaccine development.
– The Country’s Government
When the epidemic breaks out in a country, the first institution that should officially respond is the country’s health representative. In this case, the government plays important role in the development of the corona virus vaccine. As the epidemic will affect the population in the country, the government should have separated funding to support the vaccine progress.

United States provides a good sample; president Donald Trump create the “Operation Warp Speed”. The government agrees to support the funding. The goal is not easy to achieve; in the beginning of 2021 the vaccine should have been mass-produced and ready for Americans.

In the US, the government gather up to five organizations to be the motor of Operation Warp. They are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Health and Human Services (HHS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense.

– International Organization and Private Sectors
Government is not the only one that could provide funding to pharmacy business. World Bank is an International Institutions that actively support the manufacture of corona vaccine for global population. The world bank also works with other organizations. Last July, the world bank coalition calls all countries to join “Covax” program.

Private sector also takes their own part in developing the vaccine. Some of the best samples are Johnson & Johnson and also Sinopharm. They are progressing in fast pace to produce the most effective vaccine to cure corona. Although their research and development studies are not as popular as the others, the results are providing meaningful input to the progress.

When people read that certain country could present a report on corona vaccine development, it is not the work of a single organization. There are several groups in a country that contributes to the effort. They are the government body, private sectors and international organization. They work together to speed up the process.

The Notable Vaccines You Have to Know
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The Notable Vaccines You Have to Know

The Notable Vaccines You Have to Know – Vaccine can be one of the best options you can take in order to protect yourself and your lovely ones from the various health consequences such as pain, virus infection, and even death. Based on this specific fact, it is so obvious that it will never be a bad idea for you to get a vaccine especially if you want to keep your good health nicely. Furthermore, there are actually so numerous vaccines that can cure the diseases so well. So, you better figure them out below.
– The Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine
One of the notable vaccines that you have to know is the inactivated poliovirus vaccine which can be one of the most recommended vaccines given to kids. This vaccine will be focused on preventing the kids from the infection of the central nervous system that can lead to permanent paralysis. There are so many health authorities and public service website give procedure in many different countries still do this vaccine to the kids even though it never happens to United States of America for decades. It is all because there are still poliovirus outbreaks in some parts of the world. Even, most of the people who are suffering from this disease had no symptoms at the beginning, which makes the situation get worse. In addition, this vaccine is given to the infants and children (2 months old to 6 years old) in two different ways which are injection and oral.

– Hepatitis B Vaccine
Then, hepatitis B vaccine is the other useful vaccine that you have to know for sure. This specific vaccine can really prevent the liver inflammation and cirrhosis which the damaged tissue replaces the healthy tissue that can cause liver cancer and liver failure. Unfortunately, all of those health consequences can infect the people easily even if you were still a baby. It can be proven when 36% of them got infected by the Hepatitis virus since they were children. Aside of that, it also infected the infants who died because of liver diseases as adults. So then, that is the main reason why it has to be given to both of female and male infants in three phases (at birth, 1 to 2 months, and 6 to 18 months) through injection. Additionally, it is also so necessary for the parents to check up on their recent health condition as the Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted by means of blood or any other body fluid. So, they can reduce the risks of hepatitis B disease of their kids well.

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The Important Vaccines You Better Know

The Important Vaccines You Better Know – Vaccine is definitely something that you have to take mainly if you are looking for the best option to prevent some particular diseases. It will definitely protect you from any pain and virus infection in the most effective way for sure. So then, it can really help you to keep your good health without worrying about a thing. Then, there are actually so various important vaccines that you better know. So, in case you are so curious about them, you can find out some of them below.
– Rotavirus Vaccine
One of the important vaccines that you have to know is rotavirus vaccine. This particular vaccine will be focused on reducing and stopping the development of rotavirus that causes diarrhea on infants and kids worldwide. The worst case of rotavirus happened in the United States of America where there were 2 to 3 million people got infected by the virus, about 60,000 hospitalized, and about 20 to 60 died. So, it is actually no wonder if this vaccine has to be given to the infants in three doses, which are at 2 months old, at 4 months old, and 6 months old, by oral method. Nevertheless, some birds told that this vaccine has been developed in two different versions because many experts found that the better hygiene and sanitation cannot stop the disease.

– Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) Vaccine
Furthermore, the other important vaccine that you cannot miss is measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. This kind of vaccine needs to be given to a newborn baby as soon as possible especially when the mother gets infected by the virus commonly in the beginning of the pregnancy. It is because measles can cause skin changes, Koplik spots, encephalopathy, and even brain damage. Then, mumps can cause the painful inflammation of the pancreas, salivary glands, and testicles as well. Moreover, rubella is the cause of skin rash, lymph nodes, joint pain, and etc. So, based on this, it is clear why the infants and small children really need this vaccine especially when you consider all of the bad impacts of those health issues. In addition to this, there are two doses of the vaccine, which the first dose will commonly be done to the 12 to 15 months old and the second is for the 4 to 6 years old kids. Both of those doses will be done by the injection method.

COVID-19 Vaccine from Different Parts of The World
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COVID-19 Vaccine from Different Parts of The World

COVID-19 Vaccine from Different Parts of The World
Global population is struggling to continue their life and the ends are not predictable yet. The only way to re-open the schools, jobs and businesses starts with the vaccine for COVID-19. This cure is not easy to make, but mega pharmacies all over the worlds are doing the best to speed up the process.
– The Process to Get A Vaccine
It is often mentioned that making vaccine takes a long time. However, not all people understand the whole process of vaccine-making. There are at least five phases that should be taken before a vaccine could be distributed to the public. They are the preclinical testing, the safety trials, the expanded trials, efficacy trials, approval, and combined phases.

None of these trials could be skipped; each is essential part of the process. For example, if the expanded trial where the vaccine is given to sample group of hundreds of people is missing, how could the researcher learn the effects? Careful steps should be taken as human life is sensitive matter.

– United States: Moderna Biotechnology Company
One company that takes part to make vaccine for COVID-19 is Moderna. This company is based in United States. The researchers make the vaccine based on messenger RNA (Mrna). The aim is triggering the body to make protein that could fight the virus. The progress is great and government agrees to invest on the company.

The reason why Moderna vaccine could progress faster is their experiment on monkeys. The vaccine is reported to protect monkeys from corona virus. As monkeys share similar DNA to human, many countries expect positive result on the development, and the online sites could guarantee the similar result on the games.

Germany BioNTech

– Germany: BioNTech
United States is not the only country that makes progress on COVID-19 vaccine. German company called BioNTech also develop a vaccine in collaboration with Pfizer from New York and Fosun Pharma from China. Instead of one, this company makes two version of the vaccine; one of which shows positive results on the limited group sample.
People might be anxious while waiting for COVID-19 vaccine, but the process to make one is neither simple nor short. This vaccine should be safe to use before it could be distributed globally. So far, American and Germany companies report a positive progress on the vaccine development. It is predicted to be ready for the market in 2021.

Types of Vaccines for Adults That You Should Know
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Types of Vaccines for Adults That You Should Know

Types of Vaccines for Adults That You Should Know – Some people think that vaccines are only given to children and babies. However, adults also need to get a vaccine to prevent some diseases. Sometimes, adults neglected their health because of their busy life which can lead to serious diseases. Some vaccines should be obtained by adults to prevent serious diseases in their bodies. What kinds of vaccines that should an adult get?

– Reasons for Adult Vaccines
Adults also need to get a vaccine because the danger of new diseases can threaten anyone. Adults tend to neglect their health because of their hectic life. They prefer to play online gambling, spend time sitting to access site and neglect their need for vaccine. They are at a high risk to be exposed to serious diseases or illnesses.

Some people may consider that they already have the vaccine in their childhood so they don’t need any vaccines once they grow up. Some viruses develop and change over time. You need to make sure to get the new vaccines as it helps in protecting you from these kinds of viruses and bacteria. Some basic vaccines given to the children nowadays are not given in your childhood.

– Type of Vaccines for Adult
Many factors need to be considered by adults before they decided to get vaccines, such as lifestyle, age, and health problems. You need to discuss with the expert or professionals in the medical field before taking a certain type of vaccines. Some types of vaccines for adults are flu shots, pneumococcal vaccine, tetanus boosters, shingle vaccine, and hepatitis vaccines.

Types of Vaccines for Adults That You Should Know

The first vaccine is a flu shot. Flu is a common disease that can attack everyone. This type of disease can attack babies, adults, up to older people. You should get flu shots every year. Some people underestimate this disease but some high consequences come when some death cases arise because of the flu virus. The pneumococcal vaccine protects you from meningitis, pneumonia and another type of infection that can threaten your life.

The tetanus booster is needed for protecting the body from infection caused by the unsterile or open wound. The shingle vaccine is needed to protect our body from severe rash or nerve pain. The hepatitis vaccine is used to protect the body from Hepatitis A and B.

Some vaccines should be obtained by adults to prevent serious diseases in their bodies. Some types of vaccines for adults are flu shots, pneumococcal vaccine, tetanus boosters, shingle vaccine, and hepatitis vaccines. You need to discuss with the professionals in the medical field before taking a certain type of vaccine.

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An Overview of the Type of Vaccines

An Overview of the Type of Vaccines – Vaccination is the prevention acts in the medical world as an effort done by the human to protect the body from diseases. The kinds of diseases can be derived from seasonal diseases up to deadly diseases. There are many types of vaccines that can be given to children up to adults. Here are the types of vaccines that we should know in general.

– Attenuated Vaccines

The first type of vaccine is called the attenuated vaccine. The making process of attenuated vaccine is through long term process which includes animal cell cultures or embryo. The virus or bacteria given to the embryo, mostly in chick, will grow until the virus or bacteria lose its ability to replicate the cells in a human’s body. To make a vaccine using this method, the virus or bacteria had to grow through 200 embryos before the vaccine is ready. Wow.

The accentuated or live vaccine is a long term vaccine that can be used for a long period. In general, the patient only needs to take one shoot for a live period. Some vaccines belong to the attenuated vaccine are MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), chickenpox vaccine (Varicella), rotavirus and influenza vaccine (in the form of a nasal spray).

– Inactivated Vaccines

The vaccine made by killing the bacteria or viruses using the chemicals or heat. This chemical substance will kill the virus and damage its ability to recreate, however, the virus or bacteria is still complete so the body still recognizes it as a threat and the immune system will work to protect the body from an unknown substance. Some inactivated vaccines are Hepatitis A vaccine, flu vaccine, rabies vaccine, and the polio vaccine.

– Subunit Vaccines

The subunit vaccine is made using a certain part of the virus, bacteria or gem. The certain parts can be taken from its capsid, protein or sugar. The subunit vaccine gives the strongest protection by targeting the key point of the gem. These vaccines can be given to people with a weak immune system and patients with long period health problems. Some subunit vaccines are Hepatitis B, Pertussis, Influenza, Meningococcal and Pneumococcal.

the Type of Vaccines– Toxoids Vaccines

Some diseases are not directly caused by the bacteria or virus itself but merely by the toxin produced by the bacteria or virus. The immunization process using this kind of process is called toxoids. Some toxoids vaccines are tetanus and diphtheria.

The types of vaccines that you should know in general are attenuated vaccines, inactivated vaccines, subunit vaccines, and toxoids vaccines. The vaccines can be used to give protection to the human body by giving the strongest immune system into the body.

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Why You Need to Trust the World Vaccine Organization

Why You Need to Trust the World Vaccine Organization – The anti-vaccine movement is one kind of movement that is totally against the vaccination of people. The main reason is because they think that some of those vaccines have the ingredients that might degrade the body function of the people who are vaccinated. This is not a wrong opinion considering the fact that those movements do not really understand the ingredients and the containments inside those vaccines. However, if you are one of those people who are against the vaccination, you will need to know these things below. These things are the reasons why you have to trust the vaccines from the world vaccine organization. Here are some of them.

The first reason is that they have been doing this kind of thing for many years. It is quite okay to kick the amateurs off the list. That is something that many people do in many different situations. However, can you really do that with the word vaccine organization that has made a lot of vaccines for many years? That is one question that you have to answer on your own. If you think that those vaccines are not good enough, then how come this organization stays on the line for many years until this very time? Do you have the answers for that? The second reason is because they are trying their best to make a lot of new vaccines to deal with many new kinds of disease that you might have never heard about. If you think that this organization is just making some vaccines to help you with the common disease, you are wrong. If there is a virus outbreak in some places in this world, they will try their best to make the proper vaccine to help those people who are in need. You can consider the Ebola case some years ago as the example.

Why You Need to Trust the World Vaccine Organization

The last reason is because speedbet77 is an organization that provides funding to make anti-vaccine. This is something you should highlight because members of the anti-vaccine movement say that there are some ingredients in vaccines that should not be consumed by the public. This is one of the wrong opinions. That’s because they already use the best ingredients with the right calculation. You won’t die or get sick just by eating orange seeds. That’s why you don’t need to worry about that at all.

The Effectiveness and Side Effects
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Vaccine: The Effectiveness and Side Effects

Vaccine is something that your kids must need in order to make their immune system stronger and better. So then, they will not get infected by the various dangerous illnesses so easily even until they are adults. There are many people believe that this treatment can really prevent their kids from any contagious diseases. Meanwhile, some others are still afraid of the myths when they have to let their kids get vaccinated. Well, it will be nice if you find out what actually the effectiveness and the side effects of vaccine by reading below.

All of the vaccines that are available now will definitely protect your kids from any virus in the most effective way possible. It is because vaccine can improve the immune system of your kids by increasing the defensive cells, so that it will be able to weaken the development of the pathogen virus so well. So then, it can really avoid your kids from the terrible illness before it gets worse. Furthermore, it can be so much more effective as long as your kids get vaccinated earlier. In this case, it will be great if you give the suitable vaccine to your kids since they were still infants (0 week to 14 week) and when they are a little bit older (18 months to 6 years). Nevertheless, you have to make sure that you discuss about it with your trustworthy doctor. So, you will be able to find out when you have to give the best vaccine to your kids.

Moreover, there are some side effects that will commonly happen after your kids get vaccinated, which can be like low grade fever and redness around the injection site. It is actually a normal thing that prove that the vaccine really work on your kids. Thus, there is nothing that you need to worry because it will usually disappear in few days.

Prevent the Preventable
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Prevent the Preventable

Long time ago, people was suffering from communicable infections and could not do something about it due to limitations. Many people die because of infectious diseases back then. Luckily, there were several scientists who dedicated themselves to search for the perfect prevention. Greek observant realized that people who were not dying by smallpox did not get the same disease later on. This concept was the start of vaccination. Edward Jenner came out with the idea of the term “vaccine” that was derived from Variolae vaccinate while successfully try-out cowpox to prevent smallpox.

Vaccine is the preparation for your body to adapt to certain disease before it actually attacks your body. Vaccination is consisted of introduces your body to agent which is weakened or killed viruses or bacteria in very safe amount. After that, your immune system will try to identify the agent as foreigner. Because this agent is recognized as foreign agent, your immune system will destroy it and create antibody which remembers how to do if this agent enters your body again. It is basically allowing your body to learn how to recognize and attack particular disease microbe. There are four types of vaccine which are attenuated vaccine, inactivated vaccine, toxoid vaccine, and biosynthetic vaccine.

Attenuated or live virus vaccine which uses debilitated virus is widely practiced to encounter measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella or chickenpox. Inactivated vaccine which created from tiny pieces of virus or bacteria like its protein is used in the prevention of pertussis (whooping cough). Toxoid vaccine which is contained of microbe’s toxin makes people at prevented from the harmful effect of the infectious diseases such as diphtheria and tetanus. Lastly, the source of biosynthetic vaccine is made artificially in the lab that created to be identical to the virus or bacteria. This vaccine is used in Hepatitis B prevention.

World Health Organization (WHO) is battling infectious diseases since years ago. Preventing the vaccine-preventable diseases is as same as letting people to stay alive and productive. In 2012 at the 65th World Health Assembly, many of governments in the world were making pact to join Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP). GVAP is a project created to avoid millions of deaths comes from infectious diseases which have already vaccines to prevent them by 2020. This framework commits to make routine immunization stronger, eradicate polio as the first goal in vaccine-preventable diseases controlling, introduce noble vaccines, and encourage vaccines and technologies research and development.

Why Your Kids Need Vaccine
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The Notable Reasons Why Your Kids Need Vaccine

Vaccine has been one of the most important things that you have to get in order to keep the good health of your kids in the best way possible. This particular thing will help the immune system of your kids to prevent any diseases well. So then, they will be able to avoid any health problems for sure. Aside of that, there are some other reasons why your kids need vaccine. Then, in case you are so curious about those reasons, you better continue reading below.

Well, one of the reasons why your kids have to get vaccinated is that it is such a very safe and effective way to protect your kids. It is because all of the vaccines have been reviewed by the numerous experts and doctors for quite long time. There were so many experiments and observations that they had done in order to make sure that the vaccines can really prevent the diseases nicely, and will never cause serious side effects. So, you do not need to worry about a thing when you let your kids get vaccinated.

Furthermore, the other reason why your kids have to get vaccinated is because it can prevent your kids from becoming a disease spreader in their environment. It will be a big danger for those who have weak immune system as they can get infected so easily. Thus, the worst thing that might happen is that it can lead them to worse condition or even death.

In conclusion, those are some of the reasons why it is so important for your kids to get vaccinated. So, it is so obvious that it is a must for you to go to the medical center, and then let your kids get vaccinated because you have no excuses to not give the best vaccine to your kids.

The Vaccines of Polio
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The Vaccines of Polio

Polio has been one of the most dangerous diseases in the world since so many years ago. It is threatening so many people all over the world so awfully. So then, it is no wonder that World Health Organization (WHO) really concerns about this particular health problem. That is the main reason why this organization will always support a polio vaccination program by providing two different kinds of polio vaccines.

One of the vaccines of polio that you can get is the Inactive Poliovirus Vaccine (IPV). This notable vaccine, which is also known well as Salk vaccine, will be focused on weakening the polio virus through an injection. This vaccination is commonly given to infants whose ages are ranging from 0 week to 14 weeks. This preventive treatment has to be done as soon as possible in order to avoid the young generation from misery because of suffering from the disease.

By doing so, there will be the significant lower rates of people who live with polio. Aside of that, there is the other polio vaccine called Oral Polio Vaccine. This vaccine, which is also named Sabin vaccine, will be given to kids who are in the age of 18 months to 6 years. It is so much important to do as it can make the immune system of the kids strong enough to fight against the polio virus. So, in the end, they can really avoid the paralysis, damaged muscles, and any other worst effects of the disease well.

After putting it all together, those are the different polio vaccines that you have to know for sure. Basically, each of them will definitely work safely and effectively on your kids. However, you will find that both of them can cause some side effects such as low level fever. Yet, you do not need to worry about it because it will get better in few days.

The Various Types of Vaccine
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The Various Types of Vaccine

Vaccine is definitely something that you need when you want to protect your health excellently. This specific thing will weaken the development of the pathogen cells in your body as well as possible. So then, you will get prevented from any illness and infection that might happen to you nicely. Actually, there are so various types of the vaccine which have been formulated to fight against the different disease effectively. So, what are they? In case you want to figure them out, you better to keep reading below.

One of the numerous types of vaccine is BCG vaccine which uses a bacterium that named after Calmette and Guerin. This particular vaccine will definitely help the people to prevent TB disease in the best way. It is commonly given to the people of South Africa as soon as they were born as there is a high rate of TB infection. Then, if there is no scar appears after three months of the vaccination, they will get vaccinated once more in order to strengthen their immune system well. By doing so, the people will be able to avoid the bad effect of the TB meningitis or any other worse condition for sure. Furthermore, the other type of vaccine you have to know is the Hepatitis B vaccine which given to the people of Africa routinely since 1995. It will definitely prevent the serious disease of the liver by covering the surface of the virus with the coat protein. This method has been acknowledged as the right way to stop this dangerous threat before it gets more awful.

The Various Types of Vaccine

Thus, those are some pf the vari ous types of vaccine that have to know. Hopefully, all of them can be nice info that makes you realize that you cannot ignore it at all. So then, you will make sure that you get vaccinated to make your health always good.

What Is the Importance of Vaccines
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What Is the Importance of Vaccines?

Vaccine is something that you need when you want to protect yourself and your beloved ones from any health problems. This specific stuff will definitely make your immune system become stronger, so that it can prevent you from any preventive diseases nicely. Then, it is actually one of the main reasons why vaccine is so much substantial for you. Besides, there is the other importance of vaccine that you have to know. So, lets figure them out below.

The importance of vaccine that you cannot miss is that it can work effectively to support your immune system to create more defensive cells. These kinds of cells will be able to slow or even stop the development of the pathogen by weakening their ability to imitate. Aside of that, the defensive cells can also recognize and fight against any infections that happen in your body. So then, it can make you never suffering from the worse condition. In the end, you will find that vaccine will make you able to survive and live your life with no risks of the terrible illness.

What Is the Importance of Vaccines

Some experts from believe that getting vaccinated is such a way better health treatment than drugs. The drugs will be focusing on combating the disease when it has got fatal already. So, that is why you often find that drugs cannot really save someone from their illness. Even, it commonly will bring some side effects that can be dangerous especially if you consume the drugs for a long time. Thus, based on this fact, it is clear that vaccine can offer you the safer protection from the diseases as it will only cause the less effects. In addition, the best thing about it is that even the government always supports the vaccination program, so that you can get the vaccine that you require at the more affordable prices which some drugs cannot offer to you.

Against the Vaccine-Preventable Infections
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Against the Vaccine-Preventable Infections

In the event held in 2012, 65th World Health Assembly, Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) was born to eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases. World Health Organization (WHO) accompanied by many of the governments all over the world is committed to join GVAP in the battle against infectious diseases. Making the routine immunizations actually work, introducing novel vaccines, accelerating the control process of vaccine-preventable diseases, and take a part in the development of research in vaccines and technologies are the purposes of GVAP.

Edward Jenner was the one who introduced the word vaccine while he magnificently prevent from smallpox using cowpox. With that being said, the term vaccine was inherited from Variolae vaccinae. The invention of vaccine was certainly made the world better. Before the innovation of vaccine, millions of people who were suffering from infectious diseases did not make it or in another word, dead. Vaccine indeed saves million people now. Vaccine protects us from the dangerous effects that brought by viruses and bacteria. With making us immune to those microbes, we can finally enjoy our life without the fear of serious harmful damages.

Against the Vaccine-Preventable Infections

Immunization or vaccination is the action to inject vaccine into our body. If we are talking about real life, this vaccine acts as the experience from the past. We all learned from the things in the past whether it was good or bad experience. After that, we certainly will do the same or other way in the future to make something done. Vaccine is basically just like that. Attenuated or dead viruses or bacteria are injected into our body system. The immune system inside our body will identify and make a decision what to do to the foreign agent. And just like our past experiences, our immune system then learn how to encounter the foreign agent, recognize and attack it. Therefore, our body is already protected from the harmful effects if we ever exposed to the microbes later in life. Vaccine has four different types of injected agent. Measles, mumps, and rubella prevention is using live virus that already weakened to build the protection antibody. On the other hand, whooping cough is using killed vaccine which the viruses or bacteria have already inactivated. Moreover, the chemical substances such as toxin produced by viruses or bacteria can also create vaccine called toxoid vaccine which used in diphtheria and tetanus prevention. Last, artificial viruses or bacteria made in the lab which look identical to the real one are named biosynthetic vaccine, used to protect from Hepatitis B.

Improve Quality of Life Using Vaccine
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Improve Quality of Life Using Vaccine

Variolae vaccinae was the inspiration of the term vaccine that we know today. The history of vaccine was started when Edward Jenner was doing an experiment to know whether cowpox can protect people from smallpox. The hypothesis was approved that when people were exposed to cowpox, they can push smallpox away. From this moment plus the opinion of Greek observant, the principal of ôexposing people to weakened harm can protect people from more serious harms in the futureö has been adapted.

Vaccination is conducted by injecting attenuated or dead virus or bacteria into the body. Once the foreign agent is introducing to the body, the body immune system will learn to recognize, attack, and remember the code of the foreigner. Therefore, when the virus or bacteria is invading the body in the future, the body already has the standard of operation to tackle the harm. Vaccine is the remarkable invention which saves millions of deaths today. Many of infectious diseases can now prevented from doing damage to our body thanks to vaccine. There are opposite of views that knock down the benefits of vaccine. The cons that conveyed by the opposite side are because they doubting the method and claim that vaccine brings allergies and even autism. Nevertheless, the advantage carried by vaccine is overpowering the negative side. World Health Organization (WHO) and many of governments in the world are in the battle to diminish vaccine-preventable diseases. A framework was born to help the mission. Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) is a framework which consisted of several countries that has purposes against infectious diseases. GVAP intends to exterminate polio by 2020, strengthen the activity of routine immunization, encourage the growth in research of vaccines and technologies, control the vaccine-preventable diseases, and introduce new vaccines to the world.

Improve Quality of Life Using VaccineThere are four main vaccine types to help us protecting our body. Live microbe vaccine, killed microbe vaccine, toxoid vaccine, and biosynthetic vaccine are here to improve our quality of life. Live microbe vaccine uses weakened alive virus or bacteria as the foreign agent that will teach our immune system. Infections that can be prevented using this vaccine are such as measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox. Inactivated vaccine or killed microbe vaccine uses microbe that already dead to guard ourselves from whooping cough. Furthermore, toxoid vaccine which widely used in the prevention towards diphtheria and tetanus is created using the toxin of microbes. Biosynthetic vaccine that used in Hepatitis B prevention is the one that made in lab that identical to the original.

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