How Could You Tell If Corona Vaccine Is Safe and Effective
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How Could You Tell If Corona Vaccine Is Safe and Effective?

How Could You Tell If Corona Vaccine Is Safe and Effective? – The latest news about corona virus brings new hope to the global population; a new vaccine for corona virus has been found. Rumors say that the vaccine would be ready in the end of 2020 or in the middle of 2021 at the latest. Unfortunately, the global population do not approve the vaccine; how could they know that the vaccine is effective and safe?
– The Signs That A Vaccine Is Safe
First of all, there are several clinical trials that should be passed before a vaccine could be published to the public. On stage one and two, the main goal is ensuring that the developed vaccine formulation has no lethal effect or causes additional health complication to the patients. To check this, the developed vaccine is continuously tested in the laboratory and the result is closely monitored.

After the vaccine passed the first and second clinical trials, it is considered as “safe”. Unfortunately, being safe is not enough as the base to release the vaccine. It should be clinically tested to a lot of people. This is why the third stage of clinical trait could not be skipped.

A big scale experiment should be conducted as part of third stage in clinical traits. The participants will be divided to two groups: study and control. One group will get the vaccine and another will get the placebo shot. These individuals are monitored for days after the injection. The researchers expect to see no or mild side effects.

– The Criteria of Effective Vaccine
Although the vaccine is safe, it is not a guarantee that people will be cured after getting the injection. For this reason, there must be more criteria to build effective vaccine. According to FDA, the prevention should happen to at least half population. This is almost similar to the number of bettors registered in.

How Could You Tell If Corona Vaccine Is Safe

It would be even better if the effectiveness of the vaccine reaches 70 to 75 percent. For corona vaccine, this percentage is possible to achieve. For now, the target for early vaccine is the people that has high chance to be infected; the health workers.

Later when the corona vaccine is ready, people should be careful. A safe vaccine is not always effective. Being safe means that the trials shows minimum side effects on the participants. To be an effective vaccine, it should perform well on at least 50% of the population.

How Do Countries Develop Corona Vaccine
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How Do Countries Develop Corona Vaccine?

How Do Countries Develop Corona Vaccine? – To end the corona pandemic, many countries do their best to develop a vaccine. Instead of cooperating as a country, the development of corona vaccine is blocked to several groups: the government, the private and international institution. These organizations are based on different cities, but they represent how the country progresses in vaccine development.
– The Country’s Government
When the epidemic breaks out in a country, the first institution that should officially respond is the country’s health representative. In this case, the government plays important role in the development of the corona virus vaccine. As the epidemic will affect the population in the country, the government should have separated funding to support the vaccine progress.

United States provides a good sample; president Donald Trump create the “Operation Warp Speed”. The government agrees to support the funding. The goal is not easy to achieve; in the beginning of 2021 the vaccine should have been mass-produced and ready for Americans.

In the US, the government gather up to five organizations to be the motor of Operation Warp. They are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Health and Human Services (HHS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense.

– International Organization and Private Sectors
Government is not the only one that could provide funding to pharmacy business. World Bank is an International Institutions that actively support the manufacture of corona vaccine for global population. The world bank also works with other organizations. Last July, the world bank coalition calls all countries to join “Covax” program.

Private sector also takes their own part in developing the vaccine. Some of the best samples are Johnson & Johnson and also Sinopharm. They are progressing in fast pace to produce the most effective vaccine to cure corona. Although their research and development studies are not as popular as the others, the results are providing meaningful input to the progress.

When people read that certain country could present a report on corona vaccine development, it is not the work of a single organization. There are several groups in a country that contributes to the effort. They are the government body, private sectors and international organization. They work together to speed up the process.

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