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FIFA 16 PES 2016 can be reached. It’s impossible: King of soccer games is forbidden.

Three magic bends

Compared to the PES, this is a revolution in the FIFA 16 series. With regard to these changes, you can choose and play one of the 12 international women’s groups. The establishment of the Sports Team women is not limited by men’s mild changes, while women play and act differently. This makes the game somewhat slower and more physicist, but more dynamic, pre-existingand they are exciting.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has seen improvements in FUT Draft projects: It’s a great way to enjoy this way without creating your team without troškomvreme against your computer. In each position, through which to offer new fut futures and to offer fashionable versions available, less interest in the management aspect offers a random selection of players. You can compete with four winning competitions. Here’s a lesser FUT transaction getting less,money without paying real money.

On the other hand, small improvements are also improved. For example – in a racing mode – you can put your player creator training mini-games to improve your statistics.

“Magic Moments” FIFA 16 EA Sports developers are the result of shark budgeting to organize animations, shootings and physics. When one of these moments happens, they mimic the feeling of the right Game you want to keep in your hand with sorcery. These blades are true of FIFAThe advantage and PES 2016 are the place where they feel.

Incredibly wonderful

With so much improvement, why does FIFA 16 have no top football? The problems are in play. His main example is to try to hack the ball again. Despite all mechanical and protective devices, your best tactic is to make an attacker mistake and overcome the obstacle, instead of the decision.

Diffusion is stacked: automatic selection of right players is more random than ever, sometimes players do not use the game upand the ball is magnetized in the hands of the goalkeeper.

We are obliging you to use PES 2016 tactics and group work and you will reward your efforts. FIFA 16 is pleased to sacrifice these elements for the benefit of spectacular magic. When magic happens, it seems incredible. But when the system itself is the result of your loss, it seems unexpectedly that your joy is rapidly rage and despair.

What is the result of comparing two games? Well, we prefer PES 2016 (at least one console at this time in KonamisPC door is awesome). I feel better and your efforts are successful. Together, the FIFA 16 suffers from a lack of control, because it assesses the skill style.

So is FIFA bad? No, no. The interpretation that comes up is very good, the gameplay is incredible for the goalkeeper. When small flavors occur, they are truly incredible if you are playing the right game.

Magic, diversity and awareness

FIFA 16 is an excellent football match: different women’s groups, FIFA UltimateTeam Draft provides easy access, and “Magic Moments” is incredible. So, seeing diversity, awareness and your preferences is a perfect FIFA. Now, EA Sport wants to restore its game once again to stop the spacing between FIFA and PES. And I’m confident to do that.

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