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Hidden in the messaging application is Textopolis, the vibrant city in which all your favorite emotions live, and hope to be chosen by phone users. In this world, each emo has only one facial expression – except for Jin, happy emotion that is unfiltered and full of many born isphrases. Deciding to be as normal as any other emoe, Jin attracts the help of his best friend Hi-5 and the famous coded emotional Jailbreak breaker. Together they start an epic business through every phone call,every wild and entertaining world to find a code that will be determined by the general. But when a greater danger threatens the phone, the fate of all broadcasts depends on the three most likely friends to save their world before they permanently removed.

In this big-screen adventure Ninjago, Ninjago City battle for the invitation to act as Master Builderjong Lloyd, aka Ninja Green, along with his friends, who are all ninja fighters. Under the guidance of Mr. Wu, as a wise man,because he is wise, they must defeat the evil Harmony World, the worst guy, who is also considered Lloyd’s father. Cut the sword against the sword and the father of the son, an epic battle will test this undisciplined team of the modern ninja ninja, who must learn to check his egos and retreat to free his inner power from Spinjitzu.

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