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The new version of this great program, its main purpose is to test almost all computer components, which, of course, have to run Windows operating systems, and you can get so much information about these hardware and software systems. Fullthe news can be downloaded by Ektreme Edition, AIDA64.

As you can see on the screen, the whole face is shortly after starting, in the left menu of the tree, just plug in the component. And, understand As a result, there is Russia’s support. This program is recorded by entering the serial number received from the mastergenerators. I think it’s easier to get something.

Please note that AIDA64 Filter Ektreme Edition has built-in models for testing and calibrating computer systems and components that allow you to perform silent check of the computer subsystem, a screenshot of the screen that you can know.

All datawhich you can save in the desired format, discard and drive. I do not think it is necessary to transmit a full list of devices and components that can be used by AIDA64 Ektreme Edition. For this, you just need to see the pictures. Many are interested in part of the stability package. After the launch, it will betested the most basic components, some of which will work after you complete a detailed job report.

If you have problems with software and hardware compatibility, then it is the filterAIDA64 Ektreme Ektension, which you will also remember, forget to add here, is one thing for whichyou can test the hard disk performance. I think they are mostly users who often use users. Well, almost everything I want to say to you, I hope you enjoy your work and meet expectations.

Developer: FinalVire Ltd.

License: ShareVare

Language: Multi

Size: MB

OS: Windows


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