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MathWorks, a software vendor for MATLAB, announced the release of the latest version of Matlab-R2016a. This book includes a new book by MATLAB and Simulink, including enhancements and defects for all other products.

Millions of engineers and scientists around the world use it in MATLAB for analysisand designing systems and products that change our world. MATLAB is in the automotive security system, interplanetary aircraft, health surveillance devices, monuments and mobile networks.LTE. Used for machine training, signal processing,image processing, computer vision, communication, computer finance, design control, robotics and more.

What’s new in MathWorks MATLAB R2016a


– Editor of Life: Creating and Running Existing Scripts; Add equations and pictures to improve the storytelling interface

-Tools: Install the MATLAB plug-in and install plugins

– Terminating the bar: Full parameters and call optionsSelect MATLAB

– Stop button: Stops the program execution by the editor and enters the mode

Toolbars: Customize the MATLAB path duringinstalling the toolbar

– Optional: Transfer the required version of MATLAB to three books before publishing

-verLessThan: Compare books

– International: The standards for projects encoded on the Mac platform will be changed for future publication.

Language and programming

-Date time: Define the location and shape of the date objects through the options.

– Nula, owl and eye. Functions: Create a logical bar

– cellstr, deblank and strtrim Functions: Keep a significant white letter when removing a leader or delaying.

– functions of rowfun and varfun:Creating irregular output tables using parameters. “GroupingVariables”

– Resolution: Set the cropping point while MATLAB is running

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– Moving Help Stats: Calculation of migration statistics using movmean, movsum, movmedian, movmax,movmin, movvar and movstd

– Period and Duration: Calculate the standard difference with std

– Duration and Duration: Do not disregard the use and use of “omitnan” or “omitnat” in meaningful pages, meaning the STD and amount

– Graphic and digital room: Analysis of tables and networks usingthe center and the nearest posts

– Svds function: Calculates specific values ​​for better performance and general behavior with a wide range of matrices

– Medium work: Calculate the intermediary with improved performance

– cummin, cummax, cumprod and cumsum Action: Calculate the complete set of the lower,the highest, the product and along with better performance.

– Graphic Object: Automatic detection of graphs using the data cursor and area selection.


-Polarplot Position: Shows the location information of the application and updates the position axis properties

-yyaxis function: Create elements with two Y axes and correct each of the left

-Legenda Object: Add a title to the legend and create templates to highlight the area when you click the legend.

-histogram2 Function: Provide a data connection and conversion for couples spells.

– Graphic function:the mathematical diagram is a parametric, surface and contour path

– Images: swear faster with many scars

-3-D Panorama and Zoom: Check the updated data and axis improvement in 3D view.

– Graphic Drivers: Use the latest drivers toavoid discomfort with older drivers in NVIDIA Windows.

– Print the image size: Print or save by default the number corresponding to the size of the screen image

-Print Cloud: Enter the full number of pages using the “-fillpage” and “-bestfit” options.

-Picture of the menu: Save the value of PaperPosition using File Save As

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Construction of an apartment

– Application designers: Building MATLAB applications with lines and plans using improved design environments and advanced componentsof the user interface.

Import and export of data

– It can write a feature: write important text files quickly, especially for large files

-Feature function: Reads files faster in Excel

– Can Write Function: Write Excel files on Mac and Linux platforms

– Work in the table: Importand processing data from the compilation of Excel files

– Datastore: Importing a TabularTextDatastoreCreate a better search mode

– Object ImageDatastore: Set an image label that uses label properties and split partitioning, counting, and playback divisions.

-FileDatastore: Create your own datastore to collect the largest files to make it perfect in memory.

-Feature function: Reads text files with automatic detection of area identifiers, header lines and translation names.

– tabularTextDatastore and imageDatastore:Creating objects to import, collecting large data from text and graphic data.

-Maybe Write Function: remove spaced text separators and write as references

– TabularTextDatastoreObjekti: Read text files with auto-detect help emails,headers and variables.

– Functional Function: Create a C code using MATLAB Coder

– Movement is removed or changed

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