The Greater Harm ~ by Shawn Siegel

Whether vaccines can, and do, cause severe, irreparable damage is not up for debate. The U.S. government’s table of recognized vaccine injuries (1) includes anaphylaxis, a severe, whole-body reaction to vaccine ingredients; encephalopathy, brain damage; brachial neuritis, a degree of loss of sensation to the shoulders, arms, hands, and chest, which can be accompanied by chronic pain, lasting years; chronic arthritis; Thrombocytopenic purpura, a loss of blood platelets resulting in “increased tendency to bleed”, an autoimmune disorder caused by the production of antibodies against platelet antigens (2); and:

“Any acute complication or sequela (including death) of an illness, disability, injury, or condition referred to above which illness, disability, injury, or condition arose within the time period prescribed.”

CourtroomSome, but far from all, of the acute complications for which our humble Special Masters have awarded close to $2.8 billion in compensation (3) include: Guillain-Barré Syndrome; radial nerve injury; transverse myelitis; Kleine-Levin Syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by recurring periods of excessive amounts of sleep and altered behavior; sepsis, a potentially fatal whole-body inflammation; demyelinating condition, which damages the myelin sheath protecting the transmission of signals in neurons – nerve cells – resulting in loss of sensation, movement, cognition, or other functions, depending on which nerves are involved; Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, a neurological disorder that appears to be the result of an autoimmune process involving the nervous system, some of the symptoms of which are unpredictable eye movement and impairment of speech and of comprehension of speech (4); Bilateral Symmetric Diaphragmic Palsy, which affects the nerves that provide both sensory and motor function to the diaphragm, controlling respiration; multiple sclerosis; Bell’s palsy; cardiac arrest; and death. (5)

Postmarketing ExperienceThat’s only a partial list, taken from the records of one attorney’s office, all acknowledged as triggered by the vaccines we’re told are safe – in this case, DTaP, Tdap, MMR, chickenpox and the flu shot, which are given multiple times to our kids, starting at two months (6) – and it’s a virtual catalog from Hell, made even more injurious by the addition of the strict time periods assigned for the various injuries listed in HRSA’s table. If vaccine induced brain damage – encephalopathy – from any of the pertussis-containing vaccines is reported as having been recognized or discovered more than 72 hours post-vaccination, it will be disallowed for compensation, while from the MMR, it must be “not less than 5 days and not more than 15 days”. The restrictions are medical nonsense, as though brain damage noted 75 hours after a DTaP, or 4 days after the MMR, or 16 days, could logically be written off the books as vaccine related. More to the point, the victims and their families are then written off; the years of suffering of the injured, of intense effort to rehabilitate and recover, of financial, familial and marital stress that so often accompany the more debilitating vaccine injuries, cast aside, because of an obviously absurd, inexcusably restrictive technicality. Once vaccine injury is recognized, the injured and their families are then dependent on the national Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for financial relief, the only legal avenue open to them in the U.S, but that program, initiated ostensibly as a “no-fault alternative to the traditional tort system for resolving vaccine injury claims” (7), has been captured by, become a partner to, the industry. The court-claimant relationship, which should be one of mutual respect and understanding, is adversarial. (8)

The discrepancy between the number of reported incidents of serious vaccine injury (9) and the in essence open-ended, unreported reality of that number (10) is onerous; the nature of the constellation of symptoms typically associated with natural, acute, temporary disease versus the nature of the damage we see in the debilitating vaccine induced disorders described above, bizarre. The former speaks to just how extensive, how great, is the harm done; the latter, to how harmful.

Semantic Elimination of Polio EpidemicsThe CDC and the rest of the vaccine cartel are well aware that the actual extent of vaccine damage is a vast unknown. In its own words, VAERS receives reports for “only a small fraction” of actual adverse events (5), while a relevant estimate once published in JAMA found that number to be only 1%. (11) The great majority of serious vaccine injuries are given labels unrelated to vaccination, in a display of cognitive dissonance on the part of the majority of doctors and nurses involved to rival anything seen in the general population. Denied any and all substantive vaccine information in their medical educations, and unable or unwilling to escape the confines of the resulting tunnel vision, they refuse to investigate, recognize or report what to anyone educated in the subject are obvious vaccine injuries, attributing the bone-chilling cries of the cri encephalique to colic, or the immediate occurrence of extended, foul gastrointestinal problems (12) to a mystery viral infection, or routinely cubbyholing as normal days, sometimes weeks, of fever following on the heels of vaccination, ignoring how questionable may be a procedure ostensibly designed to keep our kids from getting sick, that makes them sick. Even using the most conservative of estimates, we’re likely looking at 15,000 deaths caused by vaccines over the last 25 years, and a staggering 200,000 + overall number of serious reactions, including life-threatening reactions, permanent disabilities, hospitalizations and required trips to the emergency room.

A dispassionate, reflective look at the act of vaccination reveals a procedure outside the auspices of the elegant, unreproducible, full body immune system bequeathed each of us by Mother Nature – a terribly unnatural act in its route of introduction, greatly exacerbated by the insane list of toxic ingredients. (13) Circumventing a variety of circulatory system safeguards, it opens us up, for starters, to the possibility of a flow of nuerotoxins through the blood brain barrier. Moreover, due to the chemicals triggered by the introduction of toxins and the resulting inflammatory response, vaccines can change the viscosity of the blood, resulting in impeded capillary flow (14)(15)(16)(17), leading to ischemia – oxygen deprivation – and degradation of the function of any vital organs with tissues so affected. The resulting, specific vaccine injury in each individual is unpredictable, a function of where that compromise takes place – which organs are damaged.

The symptoms of measles are typically moderate – cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever and a red, blotchy skin rash, generally lasting less than a week. The inheritance is a robust, typically lifelong, natural immunity. High up in the list of reactions to the MMR vaccine, meanwhile, are convulsions, autism, speech disorders and brain damage, and it kills some kids. (9) Hepatitis B can be more severe, but is treatable, and the primary recognized routes of exposure have no relevance whatsoever to a newborn, with the possible exception of infection in the mother – and the simple fact that newborns typically have no open wounds makes even that route of transmission uncertain. The Hep B vaccine, meanwhile, is administered within hours of birth to most new babies, at only eight weeks of age to virtually all the others, and twice more to all, before the age of eighteen months (6), depositing the contained yeast protein and aluminum, a known neurotoxin, into the capillary beds of the muscles, from which they’re absorbed into the bloodstream. Aluminum is found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients (18) and is otherwise associated with chronic cognitive dysfunction (19), and aluminum salt adjuvants – fibrous crystals, like fiberglass – will first hesitate at the injection site, where they excite an unnatural, agitated immune response, but can remain as an aggregation sometimes for years. The yeast protein is undigested, and its presence – the presence of any food protein, and vaccines contain several – in the circulatory system can trigger allergy and chronic ailments (20), and, along with the presence of the aluminum, can thicken the blood, impeding capillary flow. (21) The “side effects” of the Hep B vaccine include convulsions, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, SIDS, hepatitis, asthma, autism, speech disorder, diabetes and death.

These aren’t side effects at all. They’re the to be expected effects of flaunting the function of a highly evolved, whole body immune system, and the tradeoff of the typical symptoms of acute infectious diseases for the chronic, profound insult of serious vaccine damage is macabre. Epidemics of speech and learning disorders, of autism, of debilitating autoimmune disorders like asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and allergies, roam the nation, affecting at least one in six children (22)(23), and that number continues to grow. Much of that chronic physical discomfort and emotional and intellectual compromise is simply the less severe runoff from the profound nature of vaccine insult. A child plagued by constant low grade bowel problems, or the distraction of varying degrees of brain damage, or simply the lack of sleep resulting from the apnea that can follow vaccination, can hardly be expected to concentrate, learn, behave or, in some cases, develop normally.

The culpability of the cartel runs deep, and constant. Despite repeated requests to implement a comparative study of the health outcomes of the unvaccinated vs the vaccinated, and the existence of independently conducted research showing markedly better overall health in the unvaccinated (24)(25)(26), our supposed authorities steadfastly refuse to act, or even respond to soliciting organizations, because they simply want to keep hidden their misdeeds. Their stranglehold on the mainstream media enables their apparent nonchalance in the stonewall of those requests, as it enables the entire vaccine paradigm.

Despite the open ended nature of the actual extent of vaccine damage, they continue to characterize vaccines virtually categorically as safe, as though severe vaccine injury were a myth. The general public reads that as: there’s simply no reason for concern, and the temporal divide between the act of vaccination and the display of so many of the resultant injuries, along with the public’s dogged, undeserved trust in doctors’ ill-informed, unfounded assurances that adverse events following vaccination are unrelated to the vaccines, keeps them in the dark. Statistical manipulation, backroom diagnostic changes and the coercive effect of the general acceptance of the myth of vaccine efficacy on disease diagnosis, all obfuscate any true knowledge of the incidence of the supposedly vaccine preventable diseases, and allow the industry to run roughshod over public perception.

Buttressed by the omission of any meaningful mainstream discussion of the power of the immune system and the critical role nutrition plays in its proper development and maintenance, perhaps the cartel’s most basic insult is the characterization of infectious disease as the foe, as harmful or deadly, or even as an annoyance we can slough off with no consequence, when, though unwelcome in its discomfort, it’s fundamentally an essential, healing process, the purpose of which is to cleanse the body when everyday, routine toxin elimination is no longer adequate, either because of lack of nutrients, or toxin overload, or both.

The vaccine cartel – controlling individuals in government, the manufacturers, the medical establishment and the mainstream media, through whom they mislead – has written its own indictment, in stifling any discussion of the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of the properly nourished natural immune system; in terribly misrepresenting the threat of disease – indeed, its very nature; in using the resulting, constructed fear as primary, coercive motivation for vaccination; in consciously creating the false perception that vaccines are categorically safe; and in creating a controlling and false construct of vaccine efficacy.

About the author: Shawn Siegel has enough common sense to recognize a con game when he sees one, thus was compelled to begin researching after discovering that immediately following the release of the polio vaccine the CDC radically changed the definition of the disease. He now hosts a weekly radio/internet show, The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, on the Logos Radio Network. – See more at:









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