On Vaccination and Trust ~ by Shawn Siegel

There are few things in life more awesome than a mother’s protective instinct. What follows is dedicated to that love, and the power of discernment that accompanies it.

If vaccines were advertised on television, an ad for, for instance, the DTaP vaccine, would have to include the following, accurate disclaimer:

(Check with your doctor – if you’ve had a prior adverse reaction to the DTaP vaccine, an encephalopathy within 7 days of a previously administered pertussis-containing vaccine, or have a progressive neurologic disorder, the vaccine is contraindicated. The aluminum adjuvant in the vaccine, used to stimulate the immune system, may leave a hard lump at the injection site, which may be hot to the touch – this will typically dissipate in a few days, but has been known to effect muscle pain and chronic fatigue, and, though rare, may trigger development of autoimmune disease, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease); consult with your doctor at the first sign of any such reaction. The vaccine recipient may issue an involuntary, extended, bone-chilling cry for several hours sometime within the twenty-four hours following vaccination, often repeated over the following few days, which indicates brain inflammation, and may be followed by a lengthy period of regression – consult with your doctor. The DTaP may cause bulging fontanelle in infants – this typically subsides after a few days, but may indicate brain damage; be alert for unusual behaviors, and call your doctor should you detect any. Also, in infants, reports associate SIDS with the vaccine; do not place your infant face down until sixty days following the last of the three scheduled DTaP shots. And, you may experience any combination of the following reported reactions, some of which may require hospitalization: abdominal pain, anaphylactic shock, apnoea, autism, bacterial/viral infections, convulsions, disintegrative disorder, coma, abnormal EEG, blood disorders, diabetes, eye movement disorder, hearing loss, trouble walking, narcolepsy, paralysis, pneumonia, impairment of psychomotor skills, screaming, and speech disorders. This vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility, and there are currently 815 reported associated deaths.)Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 5.56.30 PM

The above disclaimer is based on the information provided in the manufacturers’ own inserts (1), a search on the national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for officially reported reactions (2), and information on macrophagic myofasciitis, a syndrome related specifically to injected aluminum adjuvant (3,4), an ingredient in the DTaP (5). Still, it is incomplete, for it is a fact that many adverse vaccine reactions are never reported to VAERS – technically a mandatory system, but with no provision for penalty for non-compliance – if for no other reason than the reluctance or refusal of doctors to acknowledge vaccine causality. Unfortunately, ads for the other vaccines would be similar. Most disturbing, however, is that, while the disclaimer is loosely styled after the many drug ads we see, checking with your doctor about the mentioned reactions would assuredly prove futile, for they themselves were denied the information in their medical educations.

Many of the injuries for which the national vaccine court has awarded a total of close to $2.8 billion over the years, were, indeed, DTaP-related, typically involving vaccine-induced epileptic seizures and other neurologic disorders, in some cases resulting in death. To quote from the court records in one such case: “Within one day [of the DTaP vaccination], he developed a fever, which led to a complex febrile seizure. Subsequently, [the child] developed epilepsy. This fact pattern is commonly seen in the Vaccine Program.” (6)

This fact pattern is commonly seen in the Vaccine Program. Why, then, is this “fact pattern” not common knowledge? Government public health entities, the medical profession, pharmaceutical companies and the mainstream media; they all play their role in guarding the health of the nation, they all have varying degrees of responsibility in alerting the public, in meaningful fashion, to potential serious adverse vaccine reactions, and they all have access to the VAERS reports, the vaccine inserts, and HRSA’s records of the billions of dollars that have been awarded for vaccine injury.

This should be a disturbing reality for any parent; vaccine injury – much of it serious, some of it catastrophic, and some of it fatal – is a reality, yet neither the government, the pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession nor the mainstream media has stepped up to the plate to declare that vaccination is not actually “safe”, as the industry is fully aware the public understands the term, and as it is defined by Merriam-Webster: free from harm or risk; secure from threat of danger, harm or loss. (7) Perception is key, and those many millions of parents who have been told repeatedly that vaccines are safe assume they can do no harm. But vaccination can result in childhood diabetes – it is not “safe”; vaccination can cause epilepsy, as has been ruled by the vaccine court – it is not free from risk – it is not “safe”; as recorded in VAERS by medical doctors, vaccination can induce autism or disintegrative disorder, in the process transforming forever family life – that is not freedom from harm; that is not “safe”.

There is a terrible dichotomy between the information we as parents should expect from all the above-named sources, and what they give us – especially when you consider that there’s not a doctor, nurse, pharmaceutical researcher or CVS pharmacist who can tell you, on a per-vaccination basis, whether your child will be susceptible to dire injury from the next administered vaccine, regardless of a history of ostensible non-reaction, because they don’t know. Given the severity of the illnesses that can result from vaccines? – there’s a terrible dichotomy between the information we as parents should demand from our health information sources, vs. what they give us.

This is a matter of trust. They ask for our consent to inject vaccines into our kids, when neither they nor we even know the real extent of the associated adverse reactions – when the reality is literally open-ended. There is no doubt that the actual number of reactions is many times the number recorded in VAERS. The only question is, how many? – ten times?; one hundred times? Our medical authorities are quick to point out that correlation isn’t causation; that, just because a reaction is temporally associated with a vaccination doesn’t prove one was caused by the other. Their assumption that they can even offer such a rationale is unacceptable. They are public servants; when in asking us to vaccinate they ask us to subject our kids to the possibility of diabetes, learning disorder, epilepsy – death! – we demand they be straightforward in their reportage about the associated risks, and make no assumptions – offer no rationales – refrain from implied suggestion that parents can simply discount the many thousands of reports as mistaken, or false.

It’s an issue of trust, and there is no question here. The CDC, the FDA, the nation’s department of Health and Human Services, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, state health agencies, the American Academy of Pediatrics, many doctors and some journalists are well aware that there are extreme and catastrophic vaccine reactions, and that many more thousands of vaccine recipients are going to suffer them, yet, with a few notable exceptions, they say nothing. More egregiously, in literally portraying vaccination as safe they knowingly mischaracterize it. They not only betray our trust, they show it great disdain.

It’s not that diseases can’t be seriously damaging; it’s that the liberty to determine what level of risk is acceptable for your child is yours, not theirs, and that authority is severely compromised because they will not tell the truth. Moreover, if they snub their noses at their responsibility to give us complete information in one area of vaccination, we cannot trust them to be truthful in other areas: vaccine history; vaccine effectiveness; and the true nature of the threat of disease. They can only be trusted to advance the vaccination paradigm.

Investigate. Research. They’re your kids.

About the author: Shawn Siegel has enough common sense to recognize a con game when he sees one, thus was compelled to begin researching after discovering that immediately following the release of the polio vaccine the CDC radically changed the definition of the disease. He now hosts a weekly radio/internet show, The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, on the Logos Radio Network. – See more HERE.


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