The Great Divide: spanning the chasm between truth and egregious lies. ~by Shawn Siegel

There’s not a mother alive who, once having ALL the available information, would allow anyone to vaccinate her child. A primary function of the bulk of the immune system, virtually always bypassed by injecting vaccines, is precisely to preclude such intrusions into the bloodstream.

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Every vaccine is dangerous. Look at any picture of a child – in his or her nose, mouth, throat, the entire digestive tract, the respiratory and urogenital tracts and on the surface of the skin, there is an elegant, highly evolved immune system, designed to greet virtually all toxins and potentially pathogenic organisms – to eliminate them directly (1), or biochemically alter or change them (2), before they gain access to the bloodstream. Food proteins are broken down by the digestive process into their short-chain amino acids before entering the bloodstream, or food allergies and progressively much worse, chronic disorders can result (3). In its wildest imagination, medical science couldn’t hope to duplicate that process, and intramuscular injection of vaccines, which contain all of the above – disease antigens, neurotoxins and food proteins (4), not to mention unknown contaminants – assaults it. To vaccine proponents, it’s as though the biological reality, all that biochemical, metabolic immune busywork that kicks into gear upon natural exposure, to extract everything beneficial and eliminate or mitigate toxic intrusion into the circulatory system, can simply be overlooked, with no consequence. It’s as though there would be no consequence if air were injected directly into the bloodstream, instead of going through the respiratory process, where the oxygen is biologically extracted and passed on to blood cells.

Ironically, the only reason the paradigm continues is because the insult is so egregious. If after a vaccination your arm immediately atrophied, folks would get the point. Instead, many of the most often realized immediate and, in reality, alarming adverse effects are temporary, thus relatively easy to pass off simply as commonplace, and not worrisome, while the bulk of vaccine injury is autoimmune or neurological in nature, and typically well delayed from the fact of the vaccination. That delay is a weapon in the hands of the vaccine industry. It’s difficult for a lay parent, uneducated in the nature of vaccine adversity, to relate a reaction that displays even a few days after a vaccination, let alone a few weeks, to the vaccine itself, especially when, despite reams of information in available medical literature to the contrary, doctors themselves discount the connection. Meanwhile, immunologists tell us that it can take months, and even years, for adjuvant-induced autoimmune diseases to display (5); lupus, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, blood disorders, arthritis, Guillain-Barré, encephalitis; autistic encephalitis (6).

That delay is the Great Divide, the temporal chasm separating the harsh reality of vaccination – the intentionally aberrant stimulation and defiance of such innate, embedded, essential capabilities as the natural mucosal immune system and the cauldron of digestive process – from widespread awareness of its consequences.

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