Today’s not-so-subtle pogrom. ~ Hilary Butler

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The year 1997 in Australia is etched in my mind, because 17 years ago, the then Minister of Health, Dr Michael Wooldridge, started a fraudulent media campaign stating that Australia’s childhood vaccination rates were 53%. This figure was not only splattered over the Australian Media… it made it into the New Zealand Herald. It didn’t matter to him, or the media, that the data he provided was a total lie. It never occurred to him that he’d even got any facts wrong, like men becoming sterile after MEASLES….. The medical profession knew his vaccination rate data was lies, and stayed silent, sitting back poker-faced with folded arms, quietly cheering him on in one of the most blatant, criminally erroneous publicity campaigns that had ever taken place. Until now….

Nothing has changed about the Australian media or medical profession. Australia’s vaccination rates are now the highest they have ever been.

The medical profession knows that.

But the medical profession doesn’t actually believe that any patient has the right of real choice about anything.

The medical profession also believes that when it comes to children, any choice other than their own choice, is child abuse.

Most adults tread very lightly when criticising the medical profession, particularly when willing parents put their children forward to be used as instruments of the next emotional blackmail campaign. What these same adults don’t realise, is that once the clampers are screwed down, and their right to also say “no” has gone, then they too will be lined up, and jabbed without being able to say “no” for themselves either.

And when a person is too scared to say “no”, to anything, then choice, … and informed consent has disappeared. And if people stand around and do nothing about it, then they will join Germany in the Hall of Historical Shame.

I suspect that their silence is partly because concentrating on a handful of infections which are NOT caused by unvaccinated children, deflects your reporters from asking for accountability regarding the horrendous annual deaths and disabilities caused by the medical profession in Australia every year. Note, that whereas in the past (2001 report, 50,000 permanent disabilities and 10,000 deaths annually), deaths were counted, now the death total is never mentioned or published. Those numbers, and the emotional fall out from them, vastly outstrip any possible numbers of deaths, disabilities and mental anguish annually, from all the diseases for which there are any vaccines.

Is the continued media finger-pointing at non-vaccinating parents simply a strategy to divert attention away from the medical system’s huge annual rates of deaths and disability from preventable medical error?

Preventable medical error, is where the real “abuse” crimes lie, and that is something that Fairfax media should be reminding them of, at every possible publishing opportunity, because the cost to the Australian taxpayer for preventable medical error runs into billions of dollars, and is greater than the cost to the taxpayer of the whole of the vaccination schedule and “immunable infections” put together.

Will the next edict from the medical profession be that you publish a demand, whereby parents must sew a yellow star onto unvaccinated children, as well? You remember where the yellow star led, don’t you? Isn’t it interesting that the current mob attack on the unvaccinated is very like the sentiment which lead to the anti-Jew pogroms? It’s ironic that “history” runs the risk of repeating itself….

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