End the medical debate and just vaccinate? ~ Hilary Butler

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Editor’s note: Paddy Phillips of Australia’s decree is resonant of USA’s Nancy Snyderman’s COMMENT “stop listening to those conspiracy theorists, listen to the government agency, these guys are tellin’ the truth, just get your damn vaccine.” Hilary Butler reveals the truth that these vaccines have failed, and are not as Phillips says “without doubt.” The numerous and changing recommendations on flu vaccines for every adult and child from 6 months old to death, are opinion-based, and not scientifically backed.

A headline in PerthNow (Adelaide Advertiser) recently read, “Chief medical officer Paddy Phillips says it’s time to end debate on jabs” Of course, to Professor Paddy Phillips vaccines are wonderful, safe, effective and anyone who suggests otherwise is misinformed and patently insane. So he wants all the non-vaccinators to see sense and vaccinate their children. That’s his answer – dictatorship control. My answer is simpler. Those who want vaccines can have them, and those who don’t, can be left alone.

So let’s tell the public the TRUTH that Paddy Phillips chose to miss out.

First the estimates as to how many cases the H1N1 vaccine prevented is a mathematical model which has no relevance since the numbers of people who got the pandemic vaccine in the USA was around 10%, therefore the vaccine is irrelevant. Furthermore, a recent study in USA casts doubt on every single preconceived idea about flu vaccines. The 2013 Ohmit study just published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, shows that influenza vaccines:

1) had a 40% effectiveness which they said “wasn’t statistically different to zero”.

2) didn’t prevent household transmission (which begs the question of whether it will prevent hospital transmission).

3) in the optimum population with the best immune systems, the vaccine didn’t work, and did not reduce hospitalisations or medical attendances at all.

4) that PREVIOUS vaccination interfered with the most recent vaccine resulting in even FEWER antibodies, than developed in people who had had no previous flu vaccine.

These findings FLY IN THE FACE of everything previously said about the flu vaccine, and clearly expose all of Professor Paddy Phillip’s statements that everyone should have flu vaccines because studies have shown them to be very effective, wonderfully safe and to create herd immunity…. to be the ULTIMATE in misinformation. It is Professor Paddy Phillips, who is the one who doesn’t put a balanced argument to parents.

I understand why Professor Paddy Phillips doesn’t present a balanced argument on flu vaccines.

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