Vax-ganda: Idiotspeak or Bullseye? ~ by Hilary Butler

Editor’s note: This is an important series of articles debunking the lauded success of influenza vaccines. The links in the article on IMCV are bold and can be clicked on. They bring you to astounding media publications from the 1970s among other archived information that is key to understanding history.

The flu vaccine doesn’t work, and never has since that fact was first publicly OUTED in USA in 1971, and in 1972 , there was a USA congressional hearing (S.3419) about it. It had been sold every year from 1940 through to 1975 with almost NO potency and DBS (now the FDA) didn’t give a caber toss.

However, as time passed, the public forgot. The vaccine manufacturers started working on Key Opinion People, and organising themselves so that “reputable” people could push the product on their behalf. The sleeping frontline medical profession got emboldened in 1996, and said, “We must vaccinate the over 65’s because they are the only ones who die from the flu. All the rest are healthy enough to cope with the flu.” They also assured the oldies that the flu vaccine always prevented the flu – which was a gigantic stretch of the imagination. They also targeted anyone with a chronic condition on the basis that they were at risk because they weren’t “healthy”.

As you know from previous blogs, along came Cochrane review and said, “the flu vaccine isn’t worth squat for the oldies”, and a few other things, then came Simonsen in 2005 and 2009 and said, “Nope, this vaccine doesn’t work”. In 2011, Michael Osterholm admitted that authorities “overhyped” the vaccine, saying that it is about half as good as what it was back in the 80s.

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