Why is nobody studying vitamin C in whooping cough? – Conventional medicine’s hypocrisy. by Suzanne Humphries, MD

    “Just as ignorance of the law is no sound defense to legal charges brought against you, ignorance of medical fact is ultimately no sound defense for a doctor withholding valid treatment, especially when that information can be easily accessed.” ~Thomas Levy, MD, JD, author.

Last year I wrote a document entitled “The Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough” in order to meet the needs of parents who seek treatment that is safe and effective. I have first hand experience of its effectiveness and there is old literature to suggest that even low doses of Vitamin C help reduce the severity and duration of the cough.

Currently, the conventional approach to whooping cough(pertussis) is to vaccinate infants, and to give older children booster injections. Adults have recently been encouraged to get vaccinated to curb the spread as well. It is my opinion, based on conventional information that this approach is unlikely to make much difference in the presence of pertussis. Because both vaccinated and unvaccinated people get pertussis, we need a safe and effective treatment when the cough occurs.

The Pertussis vaccine has failed us miserably. Here is a very good BLOG regarding the failure of whooping cough vaccine that I wholeheartedly agree with. To me, it makes no sense that more vaccines are tossed to the world as a solution to the problem, simply because doctors and health officials have nothing else to offer. As noted in the BLOG,

    “The medical system believes its own self-fulfilling prophecy that whooping cough is a disease that has limited treatments. That is after all, why they have vastly expanded the age range of people recommended to receive the very vaccine which doesn’t work, and which has had a hand in creating today’s problem. “

The medical establishment’s own literature, as I outlined in my original document, admits that the vaccine is a failure. For this reason, research has been under way for years to develop an improved vaccine. Thus far it appears that the new vaccine will simply be added to the current vaccine schedule rather than used as a replacement.

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