How you could play guinea pig in the most dangerous lab on Earth by William Campbell Douglass II, MD

Kiss whatever freedom you have left goodbye, folks — because when it comes to vaccines, you’re getting yours… or else!

Like it or not, we’ve already got a de facto system of forced vaccination in place. After all, kids who DON’T get jabbed are refused everything from education to medical care.

But if you thought that was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Because now there’s a plan in the works that would force both you and your children to participate in clinical trials for experimental vaccines.

Can you say, human guinea pig?

Virtual Mentor, the American Medical Association’s “ethics” journal (how ironic!), published a proposal from two vaccine researchers who say they’re running out of willing victims for their clinical trials. Their solution? Mandatory clinical trials for everyone!

That’s a pretty scary thought — but even scarier is the fact that just one stroke of the political pen would make it a reality.

Of course, like every other scheme to rob you of your freedom, your money, and your health, these researchers claim that mandatory participation in clinical trials would be for the “greater good.” They even had the cajones to compare getting poked with experimental serum to jury duty.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of anyone suffering crippling side effects or even death from jury duty.

Don’t let them fool you with “opt out” clauses, either. Most people won’t even know they CAN opt out… while those who do exercise that right will be legally shunned and even denied care. (Just ask any of today’s vaccine dissenters.)

What no one bothered to mention in all of this was the reason why there’s a shortage of volunteers in the first place. Could it be because even the “safe” vaccines already approved by the government are leaving people, sick, weak, crippled, and dead?

You bet it is! Patients are better informed than ever, so researchers can no longer recruit enough suckers with their usual combination of bribery and deceit.

Good for you. Being informed is the best way to stay healthy.

So if you really want to “opt out” the time to act is NOW. Contact your lawmakers and let them know you’re paying attention — and you’re not going to stand for this one.