New Video from Gary Null. Dr Humphries: “There will never be a safe vaccine.”

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  1. Jason:

    We need more truth tellers like this.

  2. Teri, RN:

    This is a joke!! I wonder how you feel about medications which would also cause an UNNATURAL REACTION within the body? You must also be against chemotherapy/radiation treatments do to the resonses of the body's cells? This is typical of people until they are affected by an illness and then changes in your thinking occur!

  3. Informed Parent:

    Reactive medicine like chemotherapy/radiation treatments is not an apples-to-apples to vaccinations. I had to sit and get lectured by a doctor because I chose not to vaccinate my child. I made the decision after reading the pharmaceutical company's insert and doing other research on the vaccination that we chose to forgo. After listening to a diatribe about the supposed costs (in money), and other opinion based information from this doctor, I asked her a simple question: How many vaccines have you administered. She responded many. I then asked out of all of the vaccines you've administered, how many of those have you read the insert on or researched? She answered none. I responded, then you should have never administered even one.

    Reactive medicine is advanced enough today to deal with almost anything there is a vaccine for. When the numbers of people injured or killed by vaccines exceeds the number of people who actually die from the disease, it's time to do an objective and honest re-evaluation of vaccination programs. And when most nurses and doctors don't even bother to so much as read the vaccine inserts or research the chemicals they are eager to put into those they care for, their advice should also be questioned.

    There is ample evidence (see the Japanese study on vaccinations) to indicate that we need to re-evaluate vaccines. This is no joke, it's real… Have you ever read an insert in the vaccines? If not, you should, ESPECIALLY if you're giving it to people.

    If someone has cancer; get treatment, if you have the flu, treat it, etc., by all means. But get informed before making an emotional or irrational or fear-based decision… Don't be bullied or otherwise intimidated into vaccinating a child; especially if you are supposed to be protecting him or her…

  4. Tam:

    I am seeing an allergist and they have stated pretty much the same thing.

  5. novaxdoc:

    Typical uninformed RN response. You must give vaccines don't you? And you cannot think critically about them, can you? If I had cancer no way I'd take chemo or radiation. When I am sick no way I take any pharma meds. I've seen what all of them do, and know better ways to deal with illness. There are rare, very rare exceptions.

  6. cristina m k bag:

    what she explain is very logical! and I agree completely vaccines are not safe for our bodies and is insult for our immune system!! and specially for babies and small children!! this is insane to accept that they add so many heavy toxic metals and many others ingredients that simply our bodies can not assimilate , and the result we become more weak ! Wake up everyone!

  7. mjl:

    I saw a documentary about Dr. Burzynski who treats all sorts of cancers with non-toxic method. Look him up and see it for yourself. It is unbelievable how far institutions will go to keep a more successful method of treating cancer away from the public. (Just think about all the money they would lose!) His method works – hear from the people who used it. It isn't 100% but it's more successful than chemo and radiation (which in and of itself is proven to causes cancer!) .
    Dr. B's method doesn't have any bad side effects. Of course most drs. call him a quack because either they aren't informed or they don't want to give their patients they are serving the best care available because they will loose money. You've got to look him up and see the movie/documentary. It is amazing and unbelievable that his methods are being suppressed instead of acclaimed as life-saving!

  8. novaxdoc:

    Right on njl. Thanks for posting.

  9. Tim:

    Well RN Terri, Watch "Cut, Poison & Burn" and you'll finally understand that chemo and radiation is worth a shit EITHER! I personally watch it do NO good for my own mother.

  10. Tim:

    Well RN Terri, Watch "Cut, Poison & Burn" and you'll finally understand that chemo and radiation is NOT worth a shit EITHER! I personally watched it do NO good for my own mother.

  11. Guest:

    This makes so much sense! Thank you.

  12. Educated Grandma:

    Thank you Suzanne ! I have been studying vaccines for a long time, I agree 100% with you. There is not and will not ever be a safe effective vaccine.! I have tried to educate my children, they are the parents of our 5 healthy unvaccinated grandchildren. Our grandchildren do not have runny noses or ear infections as most other kids do. (these are stated on the label, side effects of DPT vaccine) These children are smart alert and fast learners. They very rarely get sick and if they do it is a light case, they get over it fast and are all the better stronger for it. However being educated, their parents are also educated about food and nutrition. The children are fed natural whole foods as much as possible. They are not fed a lot of processed packaged garbage.
    The flu season lines right up with the time of year that everyone is eating alot of sugar, candy & rich foods. It is when we are getting less sunlight and not enough Vit D from the sun which means that our bodies are less effective in absorbing Calcium. Sugar destroys calcium. no calcium your going to be sick or expired.

  13. VMV:

    It's a relief to me to know that there are at least a few voices of sanity, like Dr. Humphries and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, in this crazy world. I agree with everything Dr. Humphries says in this video. I hope that more and more people will wake up.
    The human body is incredibly complex and amazing. No scientist has ever been able to create a human being or any living thing for that matter. Why do we think that God (or if you don't believe in God, you could say, Mother Nature) can create a perfect baby but not provide for protection against disease? Do we think that every child is born defective or deficient, and therefore needs to be injected with viruses, bacteria, aluminum, formaldehyde, gelatin, and other foreign and harmful substances in order to be healthy? It makes no sense, and in fact it is against common sense. The fact that most people go along with this idea reveals the extent to which people have been indoctrinated.

  14. Barry:

    The world needs more open, honest, truthful, and courageous people. I've watched capitalistic medicine destroy health while claiming cure for the sake of profit for too long.
    Our Australian PhD on the subject ~

  15. Paula Correia:

    vacinar ou não vacinar?? devemos decidir com estudos cientificos independentes, não devemos obedecer cegamente à industria farmacêutica, pois as vacinas é um negocio bilionário ao nível mundial. A industria farmacêutica pode por o que quiser dentro das vacinas que não existe ninguem que faça controlo de segurança e eficacia das vacinas que são produzidas.
    "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" Albert Einstein

  16. Angela:

    I changed my thinking after my 13 month old was diagnosed with cancer. I learned to research, to make informed (non fear based) decisions and educate myself.

  17. victoria:

    You don't really sound like an RN, you should like a nut.

  18. vicky:

    While I did give my first 3 children some vaccines back before I was informed. I was recently reading an article about the fact that they are now trying to tell breastfeeding moms to stop breastfeeding for a while after their child is vaccinated because breastfeeding prevents the full absorption of these vaccines and thereby leaving the child so-called "not fully protected" Apparently there is something in the breast milk that is protecting the child. And I can only think that my nursing my children helped prevent even more damage that could have been possible via the vaccines.

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