Dr. Rima Replies to the Vaccine-Pushing, Child-Destroying Tragedy of “Standard Medicine”

Rita Laibow, MD

Rima E. Laibow, MD


June 9, 2011

Yes, some institute somewhere actually provided funding for this bizarre and profoundly anti-human “research” concocted to “prove” that autism is good for us! And merely a result of evolution (thus, not a result of children made toxic by mandated “medicine”). Anything to justify continuing the status quo…  From the original Internet Report:

Being autistic is an advantage, according to a recently published article in the journal Evolutionary Psychology. Jared Reser, a brain science researcher and doctoral candidate in the University of Southern California Psychology Department, argues that many of the traits seen in autistic individuals including heightened abilities for concentration, spatial intelligence and memory — and even an unusual capacity for being solitary and not being dependent on the usual sorts of human social interactions — would have made someone a highly capable “hunter-gatherer” in prehistoric times.

Prostitution comes in many forms. Sometimes it is a simple sex for money, power or privilege exchange. Sometimes it is pseudoscience (often bearing the “Peer Reviewed” seal of approval) in exchange for …. what? grants? approval? promotion? job advancement.

I read about Professor Jared Reser’s “hypothesis” that autism is an evolutionary advantage, a forward movement in our collective development because autists would have made outstanding hunter-gatherers (a job description currently going pretty unused on the internet employment boards) with mounting outrage and disbelief.

Forget about the fact that it makes less than no sense that an alleged endowment to carry out a skill that we are 10s of thousands of years past could hardly be classified as an evolutionary advance or advantage.

Forget about the fact that self stimulation, twirling, screaming when novelty intrudes on the environment, ignoring behavioral signals and repetitive behaviors probably would not make for very good hunter-gatherer success.

Forget about the fact that an evolutionary advantage probably does not show up only in vaccinated populations in 40 years.

Just ask one simple question: who funded Jared Rese’s doctoral thesis? Who funds the professor he is writing this thesis under? Is Mr. Reser’s paper mere academic wrong-headedness or a commercial bargain wrapped up in a diploma, academic prostitution.

The larger question, of course, concerns the magnitude of harm done by normalizing tragedy, telling parents, teachers and doctors, for example, that autism is not something to prevent, fix or ameliorate, but something to “celebrate”.

I say protect, prevent, reverse, recover autists. Those whose disability and incapacity is environmentally based (e.g., vaccines, radiation, drugs both in utero and post natally) are not a forward looking “throw back”. Those whose autism, representing the 1 in 10,000 who had autism decades ago, before the vaccine schedule became a brain killer, are a different group of people although their behaviors often appear similar. They are also not nature’s way of bringing us back to the future. They are suffering beings, whose families suffer with them.

Let us understand their experience and support them and their families in their battle with this destroyer condition. But let us not celebrate the malfeasance, the crminal misdeeds of regulators, manufacturers, corrupt scholars and ill-informed doctors. Let us celebrate that we know what causes most autism. Let us celebrate that we are gathering strength to bring an end to the slaughter of the brains of innocents on an alter of lies about vaccine “efficacy”, “safety”, “necessity” and “science”.

All of these prerequisites for introducing toxins into babies bodies are lacking. Every single one. Let us celebrate the fact that more and more of us know that.

And let us celebrate the fact that we still live in a society free enough that even the rankest nonsense can receive publication and public comment, as we see in this case.

Now, my reply to the article about Jared Reser’s “idea”…  offered for posting on Care2.com:

Let me get this straight: we poison infants and young children with injected toxins which have zero rigorous scientific justification. We overload their innate ability to detoxify heavy metals. We compromise their immune systems by exposing them to foreign proteins and we create chronic inflammatory neuropathology by vaccinating them repeatedly in utero and after birth. When their detoxification systems collapse, we make a virtue of their imposed incapacitaties and create a myth of “natural selection” to make their cataclysmic neurological and physiological collapse seem like both a natural and a good thing.

Sorry. I am a physician using drug free methods to retrieve these folks. Not one of them has ever said, after being so assisted, “Gosh, Doc, what a hunter-gatherer I would have made!”

Instead, they talk about how lonely and despairing they have been and the pain of their autistic state before they were assisted out of it. Sorry. You can create all the rationalizations you like.

My career spans more than 4 decades. In 1970 1 child in 10,000 was autistic. Today the pandemic rages to incomprehensible numbers. Natural selection does not occur, retrograde, in 40 years.

If autists were the Hunter-Gatherer successes, they would have been better feeders, and therefore, better breeders so there would have been a selection pressure for them, not against them.

In summary, BALDERDASH!

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Med. Dir., Dr. Rima Institute
Trustee, Natural Solutions Foundation