No Vaccines For Me!

Kathleen Dunkelberger, RN (USA) [Host:  Jennifer Craig, PhD, MA, BSN, DHom]

February 21, 2011

Kathleen Dunkelberger, RN, BC, CLNC

Kathleen Dunkelberger, RN speaks on vaccination and health. The author of No Vaccines for Me!, Kathleen is a registered nurse with certifications in psychiatric and mental health nursing and legal nurse consulting. She has over twenty years of experience in health care, from pharmaceutical sales to management and direct care. She has served as a reviewer for the National Institute of Justice and on a variety of committees and boards, among them the Pennsylvania Autism Task Force, Governor’s Cabinet and Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities, and the Jones Center for Special Education Excellence.

Kathleen is a graduate of the Son-Rise Program at the Autism Treatment Center Option Institute and has experience in a variety of modalities to support people with autism, including but not limited to biomedical interventions, TEACCH, and facilitated communication. As the director of Kathleen Dunkelberger Nursing Consulting Services, LLC, she serves a broad audience regarding a variety of health care topics through presentations, writing, and consulting. She is additionally a graduate of the Vicki Milazzo Institute and provides legal nurse consulting services to attorneys, nurses and agencies. Kathleen received honors of distinction from William Stillman in his book Empowered Autism Parenting: Celebrating (and Defending) Your Child’s Place in the World “for her tireless advocacy against abusive treatment on behalf of her son and all children on the spectrum.” Most importantly, Kathleen is the proud mother of a beautiful child who has taught her more about autism and life than any book or professional. Through his inspiration, she has initiated Bret’s Adventure, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania. She freely gives her time to people with autism, other diverse abilities, and families who are affected by the autism/disability industry. As a Christian, home-schooling mom, Kathleen is a firm believer in educational and health care choices and personal and constitutional rights and freedoms.

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