Death Threats and Suppression of Vaccine Truth in Australia

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Meryl Dorey (Australia) [Host: Suzanne Humphries, MD (USA)]

Saturday Dec 4 at 7 PM Chicago time – Sunday Dec 5 at Noon Sydney time

Over the past 18 months, a new and sinister push has emerged in the Land Down Under to force the Australian Vaccination Network into extinction, suppress its right to distribute vaccination information and to prosecute the organization for marching to its own drum, a beat quite different from the goose-step rhythm set by mainstream medicine. Through death threats, targeted government investigations and complaints, constant harassment and other bullying tactics, those who oppose freedom of speech and the right to choose seem ready to stop at nothing to prevent parents from accessing balanced information. Find out why such desperate efforts to stop those who question mainstream medical beliefs exist; how to protect your family from mass medication and why it is essential that you become involved in the health rights movement now, wherever you live. The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) has operated for over 17 years to support and inform parents who are trying to make informed vaccination and health choices. As a volunteer-run health and parenting organization, it has always emphasized the need for full and transparent information on the risks and effectiveness of vaccines and has provided valid information from peer-reviewed medical journals to offset the one-sided information distributed by the government and the majority of the medical community.

Meryl Dorey is a native New Yorker and has spent the last 22 years in rural Australia raising 4 amazing children. She is also the founder and past-President of the AVN. Her oldest child was injured by both his DPT and MMR vaccines. These injuries and the difficulty finding information on the biological mechanisms that could cause children to react or die following vaccination was the reason why she has chosen to devote the last 17 years to ensuring that other parents and children won’t suffer the same fate. Meryl is also the wife of a long-suffering farmer and rainforest regenerator who deserves several medals for sticking by her for all these years.