Pertussis Kills Five Children

Sherri Tenpenny, DO [medical doctor]

June 28, 2010

Last week, California [USA] health authorities declared an epidemic of whooping cough in the state on Wednesday, urging residents – particularly those of Latino background – to get vaccinated against the disease. All told, 910 cases have been confirmed, with several hundred more under investigation. If the pace keeps up, the outbreak could be the largest in the state in 50 years, the California Department of Public Health reported. (1)

There was a lot of discussion this week about pertussis and parents in California were worried about the outbreak…and their unvaccinated children. The “hallmark” of pertussis is a barky cough of at least 30 days duration. The cough is worse at night and there may or many not be mucous. Generally the fever is minimal, if there is any fever at all. During the day, those with pertussis may not appear even appear particularly ill.

Pertussis is more worrisome in children less than 3 months of age due to the small size of windpipe. Unless you are specifically tested for pertussis with a nasal or throat swab, you may have had it and not known! A persistent cough is frequently diagnosed and treated as “bronchitis”. Most persons who have had pertussis — children of all ages and adults–recover uneventfully with Vitamins D, C, A and lots of water with lemon.

On my Facebook wall there were many posts (June 23-24) by parents sharing that their fully vaccinated children had full-blown pertussis. And many parents discussed a few weeks of sleepless nights as they struggled through a “miserable cough” with their kids, but then had a full recovery.

But the problems associated with DTaP (pertussis) vaccines are real. If you search the VAERS database, you will see thousands who were severely injured or died from the vaccine.

I have created a table to show the ingredients in the pertussis vaccines (DTaP). Please go here to download the pdf. Feel free to paste this file on your website, pass on to others in your email database and print copies for your friends. What would you rather be concerned about? Keeping your child healthy from the inside out (something you have control over), or taking your chances by injecting these substances into your precious child (the outcome of the shot is something you have NO control over).

Key: Be more concerned about the vaccine and its potential side effects much more than you fear the bug – and turn off your TV!

1. New York Times article here