WHO Disease-Mongers Have Big Pharma Ties

William Campbell Douglass II, MD

June 25, 2010

Forget sniffling pigs —— the real swine behind last year’s flu were working for the World Health Organization. Some people called me a paranoid conspiracy theorist when I said swine flu was a load of bunk and that the unproven, untested vaccine they rushed out for it was a dangerous moneygrab. But now, two new mainstream reports accuse the World Health Organization of the same sick behavior I warned you about: Financial conflicts, false panic, rash decisions, wasted money and secret panels —— with the identities of many so- called flu experts still protected, like witnesses in a mafia trial.

An official report by the Council of Europe says the World Health Organization wasted “large sums of public money” and created “unjustified scares and fears.” Not only that, but the report warns of health problems from the fast-track vaccine, which has been linked to everything from nerve disorder to death. I hope you believed me, and not the ethically challenged experts, when I told you it wasn’t safe!

The report even points out that the WHO rushed to protect Big Pharma, not the public, by authorizing only patented vaccines for swine flu —— instead of vaccines that could have been created just as quickly, and far more cheaply, using unpatented procedures. At the same time, a report in BMJ written with the Bureau of Investigative Journalists says the WHO’s 2004 pandemic guidelines were based on the advice of a panel that included three experts who were bought and paid for by the leading manufacturers of flu drugs, and representatives from two major drug companies.

There’s a loaded deck for you —— and that was just the warm-up act. Last year, the organization created a 16-member emergency swine flu committee —— a group so shrouded in secrecy that we STILL don’t officially know who was in it. Of the handful of members that have been outed, there’s at least one major conflict of interest.

Expect to hear these sordid tales for years to come”¦ and we’ll probably never know the whole truth —— like what was really in all those dangerous vaccines.

So —— who’s paranoid now?