Don’t Look, Don’t See: What Medical Literature Actually Reveals about Vaccinology

Laurette Janak

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Laurette Janak, medical researcher [Host: Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH]

Parents are often told the adverse reaction their child has had to a vaccine is fully coincidental. This dedicated mother reveals the published scientific literature that supports the validity of her child’s multiple adverse reactions to vaccines. If you have been told, “it is all a coincidence”, then this talk is for you.
Topics to be covered include vaccine-associated ear infections, strep, mitochondrial dysfunction, immune-overload, childhood cancer and the effect of celiac disease upon Hepatitis B vaccination.

Laurette has twice presented at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential on the topic of folic acid, brain function and the impact of mercury exposure. She has also testified before the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Laurette and Jill James, PhD have studied biochemistry in autistic children and demonstrated the effectiveness of using supplements targeting the folate, methylation and transulfuration pathways, the results of which were published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Laurette has presented at Autism One conferences on multiple occasions on children who have a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism and their unique vulnerability to vaccine injury. She and Dr. James have presented on the biochemistry of parents of children with autism and discussed the health implications this has for the parent. Laurette has also presented on how parents can research medical literature to find published scientific studies relating to their children’s health concerns. Laurette has contributed two articles published in the international magazine The Autism File. Laurette’s main goal as a parent researcher is to empower other parents with information.