Repairing the Damage of History’s Greatest Scam

Michael Sichel, ND, DO

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Michael Sichel, ND, DO, PhD [Australia] [Host: Sheri Nakken, RN, MA]

Thanks to careful government statisticians of the past we have records showing undeniable evidence that it was not vaccines that caused the 95% fall in infectious diseases over the last century.  Incontrovertible evidence shows empowered immune systems cured childhood mortality and that artificial immunization brought on world-wide chronic illness. The good new is that we know how to make the immune system work again.

Dr. Sichel’s presentation will evidence the simple and powerful factors that allowed natural immunity to work its wonders, saving the lives of millions around the world.  He will also demonstrate that vaccines have not only been a hoax providing for no positive effect on acute disease, but have actually caused chronic disease in its place, with devastating results for millions.  The good news is that this epidemic of chronic disease (whose best known syndrome is autism spectrum disorders [ASD]) is being treated successfully without drugs by biomedical doctors and practitioners. This presentation will show how this is done, and where to go for help.

Michael Sichel, DO, ND, PhD has been a consulting naturopath and osteopath for 40 years, and is the author of seven books, four of them on the successful non-drug treatment of ASD children and young adults. He has worked in this field since 1992, when the first two boys with strange behaviors (now known as ASD) were brought to him.  His natural biomedical methods are well-known and used in Australian and New Zealand.